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eRAMS Content Management System Top Menu

The eRAMS Content Management System includes the following components that can be accessed from the eRAMS top menu:

  • Account: This menu allows users to manage their personal contacts, documents, media (Photos/Video), geospatial layers, and projects.
  • Groups: Using the Group menu, users can create groups, add members, and share contents among group members.
  • GIS/Analysis: Access the GIS and mapping canvas with options to add analysis and modeling tools.


eRAMS Content Management System Left Dashboard

The account menu allows the user to manage private contents that can be accessed from the Left sidebar. The left dashboard includes options for managing user contacts, documents, media (Photos/Video), geospatial layers, and projects. All information by default are private and are not shared with user groups or the general public. However, the user can choose to share his/her personal contents with the general public or with a specific group.

Click on Home at the top of the page to display the Home context.

Login to eRAMS takes the user to Home with the active Project the one active at previous sign-out. The User and active Project name displays in the upper right.

The main Home (central) panel displays notifications for information or action to be taken by the user.

Click Add Photo in the left panel to open pane for uploading photo of the user. The photo will display in the upper left.

Clicking View/Modify Account or Contacts icon in the left panel changes the context of the center panel while in Home context. Clicking My Account, My Groups, GIS/Analysis, and Resource Center at the top takes the user away from the Home context.

Working with Documents (left panel)

eRAMS Documents Menu v2

  • To see the list of current document, click the Documents button. the table of contents can be sorted according to the name, type, date, or size documents.
  • Create new a new folder using “Create Folder” to organize related documents. Note that you can navigate between folders using the “Location” navigation toolbar. To move a document from one folder to another, navigate to the folder where the document is located, drag and drop the document to the folders in the “Location” navigation toolbar.
  • From the Document list at the top level or within a Folder, click Add File to upload local file.
  • Right click the filename in the table of contents of documents in a folder to access the Documents menu. this menu includes options for download, rename, email, delete and sharing.
    • Downloading Documents or Folders: The “Download” options allows saving the document on your local machine. When a folder is downloaded, all files/documents within the folder are downloaded as a zipped-file.
    • Sharing Documents: To share a given document with a URL, open the document menu, select share, and then activate sharing.
    • As long as the the “Active” checkbox is activated, the document will be available from the document URL. Uncheck the “Activate” checkbox to stop sharing the document.

eRAMS Documents Menu Sharing

Working with Photos, Videos (left panel)

All options available for the “Documents” tab are also available for media files.

Working with Geographic Data (left panel)

Click button to display the Projects Folder. Clicking on the folder displays the list of the user’s projects in the center panel under a location header of My Geographic Data. Clicking on a project displays a list of project layers (for reference only).

Clicking on My Geographic Data location above the list in the center panel also can help take the user to the appropriate folder.

Working with Projects (left panel)

eRAMS projects are combinations of geospatial data, tables, and modeling tools. A project with no “Project Type” is essentially a GIS project. To create a project click the Projects tab from Left panel, click New project.

erams content managemetn-create project

  • The active Project upon login is the one active at previous sign out (default project for first time users).
  • Click Projects button to display list of the user’s projects.
  • Click appropriate link on the list to go to a Project and work on it. Alternative path is to highlight the project row, click on Current to make the active project, and then click on GIS/Analysis to open the project.
  • Click Create Project to open pane to enter the name of a new project, the project type, and optionally include data layers from another project. Doing so does not make the new project the active project, and the user must click on the new project link or highlight the new project row and click Current button to make it the active project.
  • Highlight a project row and click Delete to initiate deleting the project, click Rename to change the project name, click Open to go to the project and work on it, and click Share to share the project.

Group Contents

The Groups functionality in eRAMS enable users to share documents, media, geospatial datasets, and projects with a group of users. The contents are only shared among the group members.

eRAMS Content Management Group

Create A Group

1. Click the “Groups” tab from the top menu.eRAMS Content Management Group-Create New Group

2. Click “Click New Group”.

3. Enter a name for the group and click “Done”.

4. Once the group is created, it will be automatically selected as the active group under the “Group” selection menu. You can toggle between your groups (either created by you or other eRAMS users). using the “Group” selection  menu.

5. To add members to the group, click “Share” from the right sidebar.

6. A “Share My Group” dialog will pop up that allows adding or removing members. eRAMS Content Management Group-Add Member

  • Enter the name or email address of the eRAMS user that you would like to join the group.
  • Select access level for the member of the group: full access will enable the member to add, remove, or modify any content that is shared within the group. Members with  “read-only” access level can view or download the contents, but cannot modify the information.
  • Click “Add” to add the member.
  • Click Done.
  • Note that these steps send a notification to the invited eRAMS users to join the group.eRAMS Content Management Group-Add Member Invitation NotificationThe invited members must accept the invitation before they are added to the group and appear under the “Members” option in the right sidebar of the eRAMS Groups Menu.


Add Contents to A Group

Adding contents to groups is similar to adding contents to a private account. For adding projects, first create the project under your own account, and then use the “Share Project’ option for managing the project within a group of of collaborators.


GIS and Analysis

eRAMS GIS and Analysis v2

eRAMS GIS provides cloud based solutions for location-based data management and information governance. Key features of eRAMS-GIS are:

  • Digitization and edit tool
  • Table options including field calculator and statistical analysis
  • A rich set of geoprocessing operations, including: clip, intersect, union, merge, erase, and dissolve tools
  • Spatial analyst for raster datasets, including raster calculator, overlay, zonal statistics
  • Geostatistical analysis for spatial interpolation using nearest neighbor, inverse distance weighted (IDW), and kriging methods
  • Special toolboxes for hydrologic and terrain analysis, including” watershed delineation and slope calculator
  • Options for viewing and extracting publicly avaibale data from USGS, NRCS, EPA and U.S. Census Bureau

For more information click here.