The application period for the Fall 2021 InTERFEWS cohort has now closed. The application period for the Fall 2022 cohort will open at the start of November 2021. Please check back for more then for more details!


The InTERFEWS Program is currently offered to Colorado State University PhD students who have been accepted into their department’s program. Priority will be given to those entering the 1st or 2nd semester of their PhD program, and those beyond their 3rd semester are not eligible. Both funded and unfunded positions will be offered. In order to receive a funded position including a paid stipend and tuition coverage, trainees must be US citizens. Funded InTERFEWS trainees will be supported for 2 years by the program, and for 1-2 years by their selected mentor. Funded trainees will receive $34,000 per year and tuition coverage. Unfunded trainees will not receive a stipend or tuition coverage from the program; however, unfunded trainees will be eligible for a tuition premium, if needed. Additionally, unfunded trainees will receive other benefits offered to InTERFEWS trainees (e.g., ability to apply for travel and supply funds, access to office space, etc.), and will participate in the same curriculum and professional development activities as funded trainees. Trainee selection criteria will be based on research interests, fit with program, and scholastic record. A new cohort will be selected for Fall 2022 with the application period opening at the start of November 2021. 

NOTE: If you have applied for a department’s PhD program, but do not yet know if you have been accepted, note this on the application along with any faculty you have been in contact with regarding research.

The application form requires submission of the following documents:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Statement of research interest alignment with InTERFEWS (1 page or less)
  • Description of how InTERFEWS will facilitate your career goals (750 character max)
  • Selection of up to three research topics of interest
    • Note: Incoming trainees do not necessarily need to join one of the projects listed on the Research Projects page upon entrance into the InTERFEWS program. Trainees may choose to develop their own FEW-related research project for their dissertation, create their own smaller project within one of those listed below that contributes to the larger project, etc. If applicants do not wish to join any of the listed projects, state the general FEW topic areas you are interested in, as well as if you have formed an idea for your dissertation research already.