Software Portfolio

The Environmental Resource Assessment and Management System (eRAMS), is a cloud-based platform providing online services for sustainable management of land, water, and energy resources.  It is a powerful platform for building accessible and scalable analytical tools and simulation models that can be accessed via desktop or mobile devices.  Learn more about the analytical tools and available models by selecting a tool below.


Colorado Healthy Watersheds
Information System

Watershed Rapid Assessment Program (WRAP)

Assess physiographic, climatic, hydrologic, and water quality conditions for your watershed and generate a report.

CLEAN Nutrient

Evaluate nutrient sources, and identify effects of management actions for watersheds across Colorado.

Colorado Abandoned Mines – Water Quality Study

Access the results of the Abandoned Mine Water Quality Study by the Division of Reclamation Mining and Safety & CDPHE.

CoAgMet Mesonet

View current and historic time-series weather data for CoAgMet and Northern water stations across Colorado using CoAgMet Mesonet.

CoCoRaHS Watershed Mapping

Query, analyze and organize daily precipitation reports for Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network (CoCoRaHS) weather stations

Colorado Groundwater

Explore and access groundwater quality data collected by the Agricultural Chemicals and Groundwater Protection Program.

Hydrology Tools

Watershed / Stream Network Delineation

Delineate a watershed at any location on rivers or streams within the United States or around the world.

Hydrologic Response Units Delineation

Delineate hydrologic response units within a watershed using soils, land use, and terrain information.

Basic Hydrologic Calculations

Compute basic hydrologic characteristics of a watershed including runoff potential, peak runoff volume, time of concentration and many more.

Stream Discharge and Water Quality Assessment

Find river monitoring locations and assess hydrologic characteristics such as flow statistics, flood frequency, drought frequency, load duration curves, and a number of other useful tools.

River Hydraulics and Sediment Transport Analysis

Extract and analyze a stream cross-section’s hydraulic properties and sediment transport and summarize the hydraulic properties (hydraulic radius, depth, sediment transport, etc).

Watershed Modeling

Simulate hydrologic and water quality processes in your watershed using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) model to quantify and predict impacts of management practices on your area’s water resources.

Urban Water Analytics

Integrated Urban Water Model

Forecast urban water demand and project potential savings from conservation and use of alternative water sources over varying climatic conditions and land uses.

Pipe Risk Screening Tool

Prioritize your water distribution and transmission pipes for renewal projects to identify the pipes at greatest risk for failure.

Agricultural Resources Analytics

WISE Irrigation Scheduler

Created to make irrigation scheduling both convenient and as cost-effective as possible. Maximize crop yield and minimize excess irrigation in just a few easy steps.

Phosphorus Index Tool

Perform a complete Phosphorus Index Risk Assessment for your agricultural field to assess and rank the qualitative risk of Phosphorus loss off-site in cropland areas.