Colorado Abandoned Mines – Water Quality Study


In an effort to provide the most up to date and comprehensive data regarding draining mines throughout the state, the Division of Reclamation Mining and Safety (DRMS) and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) partnered to survey and sample 148 abandoned mines in 2016. The effort was championed by Governor Hickenlooper in his 2016 State of the State address. These 148 mines were a subset of roughly 230 mines DRMS, in cooperation with other state and federal agencies, identified as potentially impacting water quality. These mines were classified into three categories:

  • Green – Draining mines with partial to complete restoration (44)
  • Yellow – Draining mines with recent investigation or restoration project in process (32)
  • Red – Draining mines without recent investigations or restoration project


Tool Outputs

This website presents the results of the Abandoned Mine Water Quality Study. Red locations were visited and have water quality data, photos and completed field survey forms, unless these mines were not discharging water at the time of visitation. Yellow and Green locations provide mine name and locational information.

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