Watershed Rapid Assessment Program


The Watershed Rapid Assessment Program (WRAP) is a data summary tool. It extracts, organizes, and analyzes data and information at various watershed scales, including HUC 12, HUC 10, and HUC8 levels. This tool summarizes readily available geospatial characteristics including land use, land cover, soils, climate, stream discharge, and water quality from various USGA, USDA, NOAA, and EPA data resources.

The data summary serves as a starting point for further watershed evaluation. The tool allows users to conduct a variety of analyses ranging from simple watershed summaries to more complex analyses such as TMDL planning and implementation.


Tool Outputs

The various time series and spatial data are summarized in a consistent format by the WRAP tool.  WRAP is intended to facilitate comparison of different watersheds. The summary contains numerous graphs displaying time series data such as precipitation, temperature, snowpack, stream flow, water quality, and more.  Additionally, interactive maps produced by the WRAP tool allow users to examine the spatial data including land use, aquifer extent, soil drainage classification, impervious surface, and more. The raw data (time series, raster maps) are also available for download.

Utilizing the extracted data, the WRAP tool calculates a number of watershed health indicators to create an overall summary of the watershed condition. For example, the tool might calculate the median summer nitrate concentration which is an indicator of water quality.  The overall condition of a particular watershed can then be applied state-wide to prioritize management actions of the state’s watersheds.

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