Hydrology Toolbox

This dashboard provides access to maps, data and modeling tools that can help water resource managers evaluate changes in the characteristics of their watersheds.  The tools are available as both web services and web apps.

Watershed Rapid Assessment Program (WRAP)

Access geospatial data including land use land cover, soils, climate, steam discharge and water quality from various USGA, USDA, NOAA, and EPA data resources, and generate a report for your watershed.

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Watershed / Stream Network Delineation

Delineate watershed at any location on rivers or streams within the United States or around the world.

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Flow Analysis

Find river monitoring locations and assess hydrologic characteristics such as flow statistics, flood frequency, drought frequency, load duration curves, and a number of other useful tools.

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Urban Water Management Tools

Integrated Urban Water Model

Forecast urban water demand and project potential savings from conservation and use of alternative water sources over varying climatic conditions and land uses.

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Pipe Risk Screening Tool

Prioritize your water distribution and transmission pipes for renewal projects

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Agricultural Water Management Toolbox

WISE Irrigation Scheduler

Made to make irrigation scheduling both convenient and as cost-effective as possible. Maximize crop yield and minimize excess irrigation in just a few easy steps.

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Coagmet Mesonet

View current and historic time-series weather data for CoAgMet and Northern water stations across Colorado.

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Custom Tools

Colorado Groundwater Database

A database that represents all groundwater quality data collected and utilized by the Agricultural Chemicals and Groundwater Protection Program.

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Phosphorous Index Tool

Perform a complete Phosphorous Index Risk Assessment for your field.

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South Platte River Basin Dashboard

South Platte River Basin water management tools.

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GIS Platform

Geospatial Tools

Perform a number of common GIS operations with GIS objects and layers within eRAMS.

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Geospatial Analysis

Store and analyze all of your geographic data within eRAMS.

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Geospatial Processing

Calculate average slope, delineate watersheds, perform kriging and a number of other useful processing tasks within eRAMS.

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