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Technology Catalog Home Page

Welcome the Hydro Research Foundation’s Technology Catalog...a virtual showcase of new smaller hydropower projects and technology.

The catalog is designed to help project developers, owners, researchers, and vendors to easily find relevant technology and project information related to new hydropower. The catalog was funded by a grant to the Foundation by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in order to find new pathways to advance technology and increase deployment of new hydro.

The catalog has two entry points, one for developers and one for vendors. The developer catalog captures existing projects, case studies and deployed technology. Developers can find relevant information and filter their search by basin, size, type of equipment, and head flow, among other filters. The vendor page is a resource for project developers to quickly access manufacturers, equipment, consultants, and solutions.

Click on any of the above links to access the catalogs. For questions or comments on this catalog, please email or call 720-722-0473.