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Welcome to the Water Connect website.

Our App helps you find water-related data and other resources for member cities. You can also publish your resources using the Water Connect App.

Water Connect recognizes that to achieve sustainable urban water management, scientists, engineers, water managers and citizens need to access disparate data sets in order to accurately view the complete picture and respond with appropriate solutions. Water Connect fosters collaboration and promotes information sharing throughout the water community. It allows users to add their own data sets to those already publically available. The user can control access to their data sets through setting up user groups that allow access by invitation.

Our app provides the framework, tools and guidance to view urban water systems through several “lenses” that could include wastewater management, water supply and quality, flood protection, land use, equity, or community and environmental health. A user can add more data and therefore more “lenses”. Water challenges can no longer be addressed individually, but rather must be viewed as multi-dimensional challenges to a city with solutions developed with as many perspectives as possible. Water Connect allows communities to look at their water system through various perspectives and find innovative, dynamic solutions.

Participating Water Connect Cities

Fort Collins, CO

Denver, CO

Miami, FL

Portland, OR

Baltimore, MD

Tucson, AZ

Los Angeles, CA

Detroit, MI