The Center’s activities are organized around three major themes: i) understanding the physical system, ii) understanding people and policy, and iii) enhancing the capacity for assessment and decision-making.

Understand the Physical System:

  • Project 1: Nutrient Reductions through Wastewater Management and Water Demand Reduction. Read more
  • Project 2: Urban Stormwater Management-Evaluation of Simple Retrofits/Design Enhancements and Development of Simple Assessment Tools. Read more
  • Project 3: Nutrient Reductions in Agricultural Watersheds: Intentional Planning, Implementation, and Maintenance. Read more
  • Project 4: Fluvial Instability and Riparian Degradation: Evaluating and Reducing Nutrient Loading from Channel-Riparian Interfaces. Read more

Understand People and Policy:

  • Project 5: Effective Incentives and Viable Trans-Sectoral Trading Strategies. Read more

Enhance the Decision Making Process:

  • Project 6: Accessible Nutrient Data, Analysis and Modeling Dashboard for the Nation. Read more
  • Project 7: Assessing Nutrient Management Tradeoff and Targets under Uncertainty. Read more