Faculty, staff and graduate students at the One Water Solutions Institute at Colorado State University, April 20, 2018

Faculty, staff and graduate students at the One Water Solutions Institute at Colorado State University, April 20, 2018


Mazdak Arabi, Professor
Dr. Arabi is the Borland Endowed Professor of Water Resources in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) at Colorado State University (CSU). His research, education and engagement activities focus on the development of scientific approaches and analysis tools that enable integrated water resource management in a changing world. His primary expertise includes hydrologic assessment, watershed modeling, water quality control, and system identification and optimization. He is the creator and currently serves as the director of the One Water Solutions Institute (OWSI). The mission of the institute is to solve real-world water challenges via cutting-edge research and innovation. OWSI coordinates synergistic activities at several multi-institutional research networks, including: Urban Water Innovation Netwrok (UWIN), CLEAN Nutrient Center, and Water and Climate Sustainability Center.

Research Associates

Olaf David, Senior Research Scientist, Computer Sciences
Olaf is the director of Object Modeling System (OMS) Laboratory at CSU. Since 2000, he has led the design, development, and operation of OMS framework for agro-environmental modeling. He holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering and Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering from Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, Germany.
David Patterson, Research Associate
Dave is the co-creator of the eRAMS technology. Over the past 20 years at CSU, he has developed a number of tools for geospatial analysis, location-based information management, hydrologic analysis, irrigation water management, and optimization of water resources systems. He holds a M.S. degree in Computer Sciences from UC-Boulder.
Tyler Dell, Research Associate
Tyler is the Stormwater Center and primarily focuses on urban stormwater related issues. He holds a B.S. and M.S. degree from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at CSU.
Tyler Wible, Research Associate
Tyler is the developer of several data analystics and modeling tools in eRAMS including stream discharge analysis services. He holds a B.S. and M.S. degree from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at CSU.

Administrative Professionals

Sarah Millonig
Sarah is the Assistant Director of the One Water Solutions Institute.

PhD Students

Dezfooli, Donya , PhD, 2023
Donya is developing a comprehensive assessment framework and rating system for One Water cities. avatar_scholar_96
Gharib, Ahmed , PhD, 2022
Ahmad’s work focuses on allocation of water under alternative water rights institutions, climate change and population scenarios in water scarce regions along fast growing urban-rural interface. avatar_scholar_96
Chinnasamy, Cibi , PhD, 2022
Cibi is investigating the effects of urban water recycling and conservation strategies at the contiguous U.S. level. avatar_scholar_96
Dell, Tyler , PhD, 2023
Tyler’s PhD research is focused on life cycle cost assessment of green infrastructure. Tyler_Dell
Ghanbari, Mahshid, PhD, 2020
Mahshid develops methods for characterization of flood risks in coastal regions. avatar_scholar_96
Heidari, Hadi , PhD, 2020
Hadi is investigating the vulnerability U.S. water supply to shortage. avatar_scholar_96
Dozier, Andre, PhD, 2017
Andre received a B.Sc. (Hons.) degree and M.S. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a concentration in water resources planning and management. He worked as an Engineer in Training at Natural Resources Consulting Engineers, Inc. for three-and-a-half years during his undergraduate and graduate studies, and served either as a Graduate Research Assistant or a Research Fellow on a variety of projects related to water and power systems operations, water rights, irrigation design, artificial intelligence, and climate change funded by the Department of Energy, Hydro Research Foundation, and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. His current research deals with interdisciplinary model integration and synthesis, optimization, and decision support to investigate water management solutions under uncertainty in climate, population, land use, and energy preferences. He is or has been a member of ASCE, COSHA, IEEE, and iEMSs, and has received a number of awards and scholarships such as the NSF IGERT Fellowship, IEEE PES Student Paper Prize Award in Honor of T. Burke Hayes, Hydro Research Foundation Fellowship, Borland Advanced Graduate Student, and Colorado Distinguished Scholar Award. avatar_scholar_96
Olson, Chris, PhD, 2017
Chris is developing tools for assessing modleing uncertainties for evaluation of water quality impacts of urban stormwater BMPs. Chris_Olson
Tasdighi, Ali, PhD, 2017
Ali is a PhD student and a Graduate Research Assistant in department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Colorado State University. His concentration is Hydrology and Water Resources. Prior to CSU he attended Yazd University (Iran) where he got his B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering. He started his graduate studies in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Shiraz University (Iran) with concentration on Environmental and Water Resources Engineering. His main interests are in the areas of Hydrology, Rainfall-Runoff modeling, Scaling issues in hydrological processes, Water quality and Water Resources Management. For his current research, Ali has also developed a comprehensive SWAT model for Jordan Lake Watershed in North Carolina. This model was then calibrated and tested in both spatial and temporal scales and several scenarios were defined to evaluate the effectiveness of the current and future agricultural BMPs in reducing the edge-of-field and delivered-to-lake Nutrients. The results will feed an economical model which will evaluate the potential of “Water Quality Trading” between Development and Agriculture sector in this area. Ali_Tasdighi
Ahmadi, Mahdi , PhD, 2012
Mehdi developed optimization and system identification methods for optimal placement of agricultural conservation practices at the watershed level. avatar_scholar_96
Yen, Haw, PhD, 2012
Yen developed several methods of analysis of uncertainties in watershed modeling. avatar_scholar_96
Storteboom, Heather, PhD, 2009
Heather investigated fate and transport of antibiotic resistance genes in rivers. avatar_scholar_96

MS Students

MacPherson, Galen, M.S., 2020
Galen is developing a framework for rating One Water Cities. avatar_scholar_96
Ludwig, Maddie, M.S., 2020
Maddie is developing methods to characterize effects of human activities on E-Coli levels along urban streams. avatar_scholar_96
Rainey, William, M.S., 2020
William is investigating the co-benefits of green infrastructure at municipal scales. avatar_scholar_96
Furth, Canon, M.S., 2020
Canon is conducting modeling studies to assess the effects of various grey and green infrastructure systems on flooding and combined sewer systems in New York City. avatar_scholar_96
Trotter, Brianna, M.S., 2020
Brianna’s research focuses on the assessment of water quality effects of agricultural conservation practices. avatar_scholar_96
Mohammadzadeh, Mahshid, M.S., 2020
Mahsihd is assessing modeling uncertainties in simulating urban hydrological responses. avatar_scholar_96
Joseph George, Alfy, M.S., 2020
Alfy’s MS thesis developed a method for assessment of green infrastructure and urban stormwater control systems under maintenance uncertainty. avatar_scholar_96
Neale, Michael, M.S., 2019
Michael developed a systems-based approach for evaluation of fit-for-purpose use of alternative water resrouces in cities and applied the approach in Denver, Miami, and Tucson. avatar_scholar_96
Heiden, Chelsey, M.S., 2019
Chelsey developed methods for assessing the vulnerability of river systems to nutrient pollution. avatar_scholar_96
Batista, Giovana, M.S., 2018
Giovana studied droughts and fit-for-purpose use of alternative water resources in São Paulo, Brazil. avatar_scholar_96
Mahon, Elizabeth, M.S., 2018
Elizabeth developed a web-based water allocation tool. avatar_scholar_96
Jobin, Olivia, M.S., 2017
Olivia developed systems approaches for evaluation of nutrient control strategies from multiple sectors and sources. avatar_scholar_96
Dell, Tyler, M.S., 2016
Tyler’s MS thesis focused on on the assessment of water quality benefits of urban stormwater practices (BMPs). Tyler_Dell
Havel, Aaron, M.S.,2015
Aaron investigated the hydrological response of forested watersheds to fires. Prior to graduate school he worked as an Engineering Assistant at an engineering consulting firm in Anchorage, Alaska for two-and-a-half years and before that he attended Michigan Technological University where he earned his B.S. degree in Civil Engineering. Aaron is attending graduate school simply because he felt the need for more “tools in his belt”. His current research is focused on creating a linked hydrologic and hydraulic model using public domain software packages to investigate sediment transport and water quality issues. In his free time Aaron enjoys skiing, biking, hiking, and running. Aaron_Havel
Ditty, Jeff, M.S., 2015
Jeff developed a computationally scalable watershed models called SWAT-DEG on eRAMS. avatar_scholar_96
Records, Rosemary, M.S., 2013, co-advised with Dr. Steven Fassnacht
Rosie completed her MS in Watershed Science in 2013 at CSU, and holds a BS with honors in Rangeland Resource Science (Wildland Soils option) from Humboldt State University, California. In between her BS and MS she worked as a research assistant at the California Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit studying ecosystem services of restored wetlands. Her research interests include feedbacks between hydroclimatic changes, riparian and wetland ecosystems, and water quality, as well as hydrologic modeling to better understand these and other topics. Her activities outside of research include involvement in the Early Career Climate Science Forum; founding of the CSU chapter of Graduate Women in Science; and a teaching assistantship at CSU’s Pingree Park for Natural Resources Ecology and Measurements undergraduate course (summer 2014). Records_Rosie
Azizimoghaddam, Barmak, M.S., 2013
Bamak conducted global sensitivity analysis to identify key uncertainties in assessing agricultural conservation practices. avatar_scholar_96
Smith, Meagan, M.S., 2012
Meagan evaluated ecosystem services from wetlands and irrigation activiies in a semi-arid Colorado watershed. avatar_scholar_96
Cowley, Cortney, M.S., 2011
Cortney conducted data collection and modleing studies to characerize fate and transport of nutrients in the Cache la Poudre watershed in Colorado. avatar_scholar_96
Foy, Caleb, M.S., 2010
Caleb studies the effects of climate change on hydrological processes in mountanuous headwater river basins in Colorado. avatar_scholar_96
Motorova, Mayya, M.S., 2010
Maya investigated the consequences of climate change on the fate and transport of phosphorus in an agricultural watershed in Midwestern United States. avatar_scholar_96
Sanadhya, Pranay, M.S., 2010
MPranay conducted a global sensitivity analysis to improve understanding of critical hydrologic processes in major snow‐dominated mountainous river basins in Colorado. avatar_scholar_96
Hill, Heather, M.S., 2009
Heather worked on watershed scale assessment of agricultutal conservation practices. avatar_scholar_96
Spencer, Anthony, M.S., 2009
Tony examined the role of represention of headwater streams in simulation of hydrological processes at the larger river basin levels. avatar_scholar_96

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