Time Series Data can be added to a feature layer and viewed and/or modified. To add time series data to a feature layer, click on the layer of interest under the Geospatial/User/Project Layers tab to open the pop-up context menu. Click on Time Series Data to open the Time Series Data pop-up window.

To Upload Data, click on the Upload Time Series Data button. A Preview pop-up window will open prompting to Choose a database structure: from the drop-down menu. Four types of database structures are available to help parse the imported data properly:

  • Generic

Each database structure has specific instructions associated with how to Choose the files and what file types/formats are supported by each database type.  To upload the file click on the Click here link to upload the file of interest. File naming is not specified which may be a problem for importing.

Once uploaded, another pane opens in the Preview window providing the number of rows of data uploaded and the name of the uploaded file. If the layer and/or table contains multiple sites or records, key fields must be specified and matched for the layer of interest and for the Uploaded table(s) to perform the upload. This is where there are some issues, cannot match key fields even when named the same.

The Assign Measurement Date box allows specification from the uploaded data for the Date column: and an Optional time column:.

  • The Assign Type and Units box allows assignment of a category and units to each value field in the imported data.  Select if the Column Contains the Field Name or if the Table Contains the Field Name using the radio buttons.
  • If desired, each field in the table can be specified using the Field: drop-down menu. The Type: drop-down menu allows selection of the type of information given in the uploaded data, the Use simplified lists checkbox can be checked to reduce the number of options listed in the menu. Units: can also be specified. A checkbox option is also provided to replace the field name in the importing data with one of the pre-populated types. When all choices have been made click on the Click here link at the bottom of the window to update the time series. Some units are not available, even in the expanded list form.

If the upload is successful, the bar at the bottom of the preview window will state that Time Series Creation is Complete. The Preview window can be closed by clicking the X in the upper right-hand corner of the window.

  • If desired, the Reset Time Series button in the Upload Data pane can be used to remove any uploaded information and to load new information.

After uploading the file of interest, the Select a Feature pane shows the attribute table of the selected feature layer with a new field appended, _timeseries. For those key fields that were matched, the row is selectable and the time series data can be seen in the View/Modify Time Series Data pane. Select a row with attached timeseries information from the Select a Feature pane and view the timeseries information as either a Table or Graph. Cannot get any data to attach for use in the 3rd pane.

  • In Table view, Choose a data source: from the drop down menu.
  • In Graph view, various graphing types can be selected using the drop-down menu depending on which parameters of interest, also selected from a drop-down menu, are to be graphed. A Start date: and End date: can be specified using the text entry boxes. If desired, a linear regression line can be fit to the data by checking the Fit Linear Regression Line checkbox.

The Time Series pop-up window can be closed by clicking the X in the upper right-hand corner.