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The environmental Resources Assessment and Management Systems (eRAMS) is an open source technology that provides cloud-based software solutions as online services (eRAMS Online) and a platform for development and deployment of computationally scalable and easily accessible online tools.

eRAMS GIS and Analysis v2

eRAMS Online

eRAMS Online provides web services for sustainable management of land, water, and energy resources to assist strategic and tactical decision-making at multiple scales. The components of the software include:eRAMS Online Components

  • Content Management System (eRAMS CMS): Manage your documents and files (e.g. PDF, Word, Spreadsheet) online, and seamlessly accessible from desktop an mobile devices. Click here for more information about eRAMS-CMS.
  • GIS and Mapping (eRAMS GIS): Create, organize, share, and manage your location based information with options for attaching time-series data. Click here for more information about eRAMS-GIS.
  • Analysis and Modeling (eRAMS Apps): Access apps for planning and management of water,land, and energy resources.
  • Collaboration System (eRAMS Groups): Create groups, share data, and publish your resources.

Watch this video to create your first eRAMS geospatial webpage.

In a few minutes, create a geospatial webpage, add feature class or raster datasets, change symbology, add time series data, and share the project with the world.

eRAMS for Developers

eRAMS is a powerful platform for building accessible and scalable analytical tools and simulation models that can be accessed via desktop or mobile devices. The eRAMS “RoundTrip” workflow facilitates development of web apps using the platform. More information for developers can be found here.

eRAMS Development Environment ComponentseRAMS provides three options for development of collaborative projects, integrating geospatial data, analytics, and modeling engines, addressing a range of app development needs with varying levels of complexity.

1. eRAMS Create: use this incredibly simple workflow to upload geospatial layers, attach documents, and include time series. The platform allows basic HTML integration to give your geospatially enabled webpage the look and feel you desire. To learn more, click here.

2. eRAMS RoundTrip: use this platform to develop apps with simple analytics and modeling tools. This platform requires familiarity with Python, Javascript, CSS and HTML. To learn more, click here.

3. eRAMS CSIP: The Cloud Services Integration Platform (CSIP) empowers users to integrate more complex analytics and  modeling services. To learn more, click here.