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Create and manage location-based resources

eRAMS GIS provides cloud based solutions for location-based data management and information governance. Key features of eRAMS-GIS are:

  • The GIS tools can be accessed from desktop or mobile clients using RESTful services.
  • All GIS tools and data management services in eRAMS are compatible with commercial software packages such as ESRI ArcGIS and Google Earth data.
  • Users can attach time-series data in table format to features in a feature class dataset (i.e. point, line, or polygon).
  • The eRAMS-GIS tools and approaches are developed using open sources technologies and databases.

Geostatistical analyst
Network analyst
Hydrology tools
Terrain analysis tools


Public data
Heads-up digitizing
Upload data
Layer from XY data
Time-series data

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Map Toolbar: zoom, pan, identify, select
Digitize/Edit Features: add features, move elements
Selection/Query: by attribute and/or location
Folder Menu: Add layer, Create layer
Layer Menu: Symbology, Labels, Visibility
Tables: Options, Field Calculator
Geoprocessing: Overlay, Zonal Statistics, Proximity
Geostatistics: Spatial interpolation
Network Analyst: create network, topology, simulate
Hydrology Tools: delineate watershed, HRUs, runoff
Terrain Analysis Tools: slope, soil topographic index

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