Urban Water Demand Forecasting

The Integrated Urban Water Model (IUWM) is a high level planning tool that allows urban planners and water managers to consider potable water savings of indoor and outdoor conservation measures, and alternative water sources such as graywater, stormwater, and reclaimed water.

IUWM is GIS enabled and utilizes land use designations, lot size, census data, climate information, soils characteristics and allows the user to tailor scenarios of adoption of conservation measures and alternative water sources to determine the impact on potable water demands for various land use configurations.

IUWM is a mass balance model that has been developed based upon studies such as the Residential End Use Study and other well-known studies of residential use and can perform analysis from census block groups to watershed scales.


IUWM has sophisticated graphing capabilities that allows the user to evaluate the impact of land use configurations, changes in climate, conservation programs and alternative water sources on water supply demands. The graphing tools can be tailored to the user’s needs and exported along with the raw data.