External Partner Research or Apprenticeship Proposals

Have an Idea?

External partners interested in proposing a Food-Energy-Water Systems (FEWS) research project, or have an idea for an apprenticeship, are encouraged to submit using the form below. Proposed projects should identify the relevant FEWS connections. Apprenticeship ideas should identify the relevant professional skills a trainee could obtain through the experience. Proposals will be vetted by the leadership team to ensure their fit within the InTERFEWS program, including how to best integrate systems analysis tools with social and economic analyses into research proposals. 

The InTERFEWS program is currently limited to Colorado State University PhD candidates entering the 1st or 2nd semester (in a few cases, 3rd semester) of their PhD program. Selected cohorts will include both funded and unfunded trainees, with funded trainees receiving 2 years of funding. 

External Partner Research or Apprenticeship Proposal

External partners interested in submitting research projects or ideas can do so here.
  • List any colleagues that would also be involved and their titles (and affiliations, if different from own) here.