2016 UWIN Annual Meeting

Understanding our common framework and desired contributions to the urban water blueprint


Date: August 3 – 5, 2016

Location: Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, Colorado

UWIN Research Network – Over 70 researchers, students and project collaborators attended the 2016 Annual Meeting in Fort Collins, Colorado

The primary goal of the annual meeting is to gain a mutual understanding of our common framework and desired contributions to the urban water blueprint. Using a conceptual exercise and discussions we will “backcast” from the desired to practical tactics executed at the level of the whole network, regional levels, and PI/campus levels. Tactics would pertain to our major activity areas including research, engagement, and network management. We hope to get an “appropriate” degree of contribution or relevance expected between the research projects and the blueprint, SRN robustness, and partnerships, which will be achieved through a network perspective review process for campus level projects.

Meeting Agenda

*Printable agenda available in “Meeting Materials” tab*

August 3, 2016

Focus on discussion of strengths and weaknesses of Year 1 activities, re-alignment of approaches and activities

Continental Breakfast

Welcome & Introductions
Summary of Year 1 Activities
Stakeholder Engagement


Undergraduate Research Program

Education Project Evaluation

Research Programs

Lunch (provided)

  • UK Water Partnership Strategic Agenda
Facilitated Discussions & Workshops
  • Re-alignment of activities
  • Research collaboration
  • Project website
  • Research Notes
  • Trello
  • eRAMS

Day 1 Wrap-up

Activity: Group Dinner – 6:30pm

August 4, 2016

Focus on the progress of research activities and how research efforts fit into the blueprint

Continental Breakfast

Research Reports – Thrust A: Understanding the Water System

  • Project A1-1: multi-scale, multi-model dynamical-probabilistic approach to quantifying vulnerability, resiliency and adaptability of US urban water systems to climatic and socio-economic variability – Jorge Ramirez, CSU
  • Project A1-2: Impacts of changes in climate, demographics, and urban form on water supply-demand equilibrium, economic growth, and social equity and equal opportunity -Elizabeth Mack, MSU
  • Project A2-1: Land-atmosphere-hydrosphere interactions in urban terrain – Elie Bou-Zeid, Princeton University
  • Project A2-2: Land-atmosphere-hydrosphere interactions: projecting future environmental change in urban areas – Matei Georgescu, ASU
  • Project A2-3: Assessing the thermal comfort implications of water-supported urban infrastructure at the human scale – David Hondula, ASU
  • Project A2-4: Assessment and design of innovative building systems and urban infrastructure to mediate impacts on the urban water cycle, heat island, and regional climate – Forrest Meggers, Princeton
  • Project A3-1: Continental Scale Variation in Urban Vegetation Biodiversity – Ecosystem Functioning – Darrel Jenerette, UC-Riverside


Research Reports – Thrust B: Technological Solutions

  • Project B1-1: Water management solutions to enhance capacity for use of alternative water sources – Sybil Sharvelle, CSU
  • Project B1-2: Spatially- and temporally-informed life-cycle assessment of urban water systems – Jennifer Stokes, UC-Berkley
  • Project B2-1: Comparative impact of Green Infrastructure impact across UWIN Urban Systems – Tom Meixner, UA
  • Project B2-2a: Flood hydrology and rainfall frequency – Jim Smith, Princeton University
  • Project B2-2b: Hydrology and hydraulics of urban floodplains – Brian Bledsoe, University of Georgia

Lunch (provided)

  • Affinity Group Meetings

Research Reports – Thrust C: From knowledge to action

  • C1-1: Understanding the Adoption of Sustainable Water Solutions – Adam Henry & Gary Pivo, UA
  • C2-1: Using dynamic information acceleration to understand and forecast homeowner adoption of new technologies for sustainable water management – Jessica Bolson, FIU
  • C3-1 SEEJ: Sustainable water solutions and social justice/equity implications – Sharon Harlan, Northeastern University


Research Reports – Thrust D: Integration and Decision Making

  • D1-1: UWIN Envision Modeling of Present and Future Values for Sustainable Water Management Blueprint Indicators – Roy Haggerty, OSU
  • D1-2: Cross-site comparisons and contrasts across ecohydrologic regions – Mazdak Arabi, CSU
  • D1-3: UWIN decision innovation system – Mazdak Arabi, CSU



Activity: Group Dinner in Old Town – 6:30 pm

August 5, 2015 (half-day)

Focus on project management & external advisory committee meeting

Continental Breakfast & Affinity Group Meetings

Project Management Plan

  • Roles and Responsibilities            

External Advisory Committee Meeting (separate session)

Project Management Tools

  • Monthly Thrust level meetings
  • Bi-weekly seminars
  • Research digest notes


External Advisory Committee Report 

Partners and Collaborations      

Final Wrap Up

Lunch (boxed meal provided)

Activity: New Belgium Brewery Sustainability Tour (full) – 3:30pm

UWIN Annual Meeting Materials

Printable Agenda

Results from the Social Equity/Environmental Justice survey conducted of 43 UWIN co-investigators in August 2015.  The purpose of the SEEJ Survey was to collect ideas from co-investors about how these two themes could be fully integrated into the UWIN research, education and outreach activities.

On Wednesday after lunch, we will discuss whether we need to realign any of our efforts in order to better achieve our goals. We only have an hour, so pre-meeting preparation will help us succeed.  Please read this docuement before the meeting and based on your experience with UWIN to date, come prepared to discuss: (1) Good News: significant progress or achievements worth noting; (2) Concerns: particular concerns about progress worth raising; (3) Suggestions: ways we might want to realign or adjust our activities (or goals)


Walking directions from the Hilton to CSU Lory Student Center

Walking Map

External Advisory Committee Documents for Review

Bou-Zeid et al June 2016 Roof cooling by direct evaporation from a porous layer

Wang & Song May 2016 Evaluating the impact of built environment characteristics

Wang et al April 2016 Assessing the Impact of Enhanced Hydrological Prorcesses

Yang et al 2016 Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres

Yang et al 2016 Water Resources Research

Social science team collaboration

Project Collaboration – Social science groups explore interconnectedness of UWIN projects during a project mapping exercise


Urban floodplain break out groupBreakout Groups – several groups took advantage of the meeting space to discuss aspects of research integration and data exchange


OSU Team Collaborating

Pacific Northwest Team – Regional leaders from Oregon examine project integration during outcome mapping


UWIN Dinner at the Arabi's 2016

Dinner at the Arabi’s – Chef Mazdak treated over 50 guests to special kabobs and an intimate atmosphere for researchers and collaborators to connect


Brewhouse 2

Sustainability Tour at New Belgium Brewing – Dana Villeneuve, NBB’s Sustainability Specialist, served up a private, water-themed tour highlighting the brewery’s commitment to sustainability



What’s the first ingredient in beer – WATER!


Sour beer room

Sour Beer Casks – Refurbished wine casks create a profile as unique as their names.  Check out this year’s Le Terroir Dry-Hopped Sour Ale