Undergraduate Research Program

2017 Student Cohort

Ashley Rolon-Marlowe

Host institution: Brooklyn College of the City University of New York

Mentor: Jennifer Cherrier & Brianne Smith

Project title: Natural Solutions for Urban Watershed Sustainability

David Ortiz

Host institution: Northeastern University

Mentor: Sharon Harlan

Project title: Transitions to Socially Equitable and Environmentally Just Sustainable Urban Water Systems

Earl Zedd

Host institution: Texas A&M University

Mentor: Ali Mostafavi

Project title: System-of-Systems Analysis of Water Infrastructure Resilience under Climate Change Impacts

Erica Edwards

Host institution: Princeton University

Mentor: Forrest Meggers

Project title: Characterizing the Urban Energy Water Nexus through Modeling and Data Analysis

Kayla Pope

Host institution: University of Arizona

Mentor: Thomas Meixner

Project title: Variation in Vegetation’s Influence on Urban Climate

Krzysztof Miezgiel

Host institution: Colorado State University

Mentors: Mazdak Arabi & Andre Dozier

Project title: Visualizing Urban Water Sustainability Indicators within a Video Game for Collecting Water Management Ideas from Gamers

Miguel Valencia

Host Institution: University of California – Riverside

Mentor: Darrel Jenerette

Project title: Variation in Vegetation’s Influence on Urban Climate

Analit Chambi-Rojas

Host institution: University of Baltimore Maryland County

Mentor: Andrew Miller

Project title: Evaluating Options for Management of Urban Flood Hazards

Tiffany Justice

Host institution: Arizona State University

Mentor: David Hondula

Project title: Water Resources and Heat Emergencies

Marlene Guzman

Host institution: Michigan State University

Mentor: Elizabeth Mack

Project title: V Water Affordability Case Studies