Integrated Research Products

Several integrative products were identified by project leadership to help cities transform urban water management systems through integrated approaches. UWIN established Task Forces to outline plans for the creation and development of the products listed below.

Synthesis Papers

Cross-cutting academic publications that synthesize proposed solutions to urban water issues, as identified by each project. 

Testbed Studies

Studies include technological, policy, institutional, and financial pathways that foster integrated planning and management of urban water systems.

Integrated Web-Tool

A translational software portal to identify tradeoffs of integrative urban water management strategies under varying contexts.

Sustainability Indicators

Urban water sustainability indicators provide a roadmap and compass for our collective research efforts.

Communications Initiatives

Messaging strategies and platforms to communicate UWIN activities for efficient knowledge sharing, public engagement, and accessible content.

Student Success

Programs to ensure UWIN is benefiting from the voices, creativity, energy and innovative ideas of our students.