2019 Transdisciplinary Research Program for Undergraduates in Sustainable Urban Water Systems

Program Dates: May 29- August 1, 2019

400+ Applications Received!

Pictured left to right (front):  Maggie O’Connor, Elana Chan, Dianne Waweru, Miguel Herrera, Alexandra Berk.  Pictured left to right (back): Laura miller, Selena Hinojos, Takondwa Musa, Ryan Correa.


Meet the 2019 Cohort – view the student profiles below!

Alexandra Berk

Alexandra Berk

Junior, California State Polytechnic University

Host institution: Texas A&M

Mentors: Ali Mostafavi and Kambiz Rasoulkhani

Project: System-of-Systems Analysis of Water Infrastructure Resilience under Climate Change Impacts

Elana Chan

Elana Chan

Sophomore, Tufts University

Host institution: Wayne State University

Mentors: Shirley Papuga

Project: Ecohydrology in the City: Strategies for Understanding our Complex Urban Systems

Ryan Correa

Ryan Correa

Junior, Franklin and Marshall College

Host institution: Arizona State University

Mentors: David Hondula, Paul Chakalian, and Liza Kurtz

Project: Crowdsourcing Household Water and Electricity Data

Manuel Herrera

Manuel Herrera

Junior, Whittier College

Host institution: Arizona State University

Mentors: Jennifer Vanos and Mary Wright

Project: Observing the Solar Radiation and Heat Protection Factors of Tree Shade: A Novel Comparative Assessment of Desert Trees

Selena Hinojos

Selena Hinojos

Junior, University of Colorado at Boulder

Host institution: Colorado State University

Mentor: Tyler Dell

Project: Investigation of New Technologies for Rain Gardens and Permeable Pavements to Address Phosphorus Export and Costs

Laura Miller

Laura Miller

Senior, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Host institution: University of Georgia

Mentors: Brian Bledsoe and Roderick Lammers

Project: Evaluating the Long-Term Efficacy of Green Infrastructure

Takondwa Musa

Takondwa Musa

Junior, Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Host institution: Florida International University

Mentors: Mike Sukop, Jessica Bolson, and Tim Kirby

Project: Water and Climate Social Networks in South Florida 

Maggie O'Connor

Maggie O'Connor

Junior, Wellesley College

Host institution: Northeastern University

Mentors: Sharon Harlan and Mariana Sarango

Project: Social Equity and Environmental Justice in Urban Water Systems: Transitioning To Sustainability

Dianne Waweru

Dianne Waweru

Junior, Columbia University

Host institution: Brooklyn College

Mentors: Jennifer Cherrier and Brianne Smith

Project: Natural Solutions for Urban Watershed Sustainability