Urban Water Innovation Systems

Research Seminar Series


The One Water Solutions Institute has just concluded the 2017 weekly seminar series focused on Urban Water Innovation Systems.  A total of four series organized by UWIN’s current research thrusts were held from April through November.  The webinars  include a 45-minute presentation of the specified UWIN related research, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. The webinars were recorded and are available on our YouTube Channel or via the links below.


Series Summaries & Links

Our first series, “Research Thrust A”, hinges on enhancing our fundamental understanding and characterization of the sustainability of urban water systems by comparing trends in the past with alternative future land and water use, population, and climate scenarios.  


Using data, models, and enhanced process understanding from Thrust A, the impacts of innovative technological solutions on sustainability of water systems across ecohydrologic regions are examined under Thrust B. These solutions include: building- to community-scale resource recovery and reuse systems, hybrid centralized-decentralized water infrastructure systems, fit-for-purpose water systems, green infrastructure, sustainable urban drainage networks (SUDS), and resilient floodplains. 


Thrust C explores how cities can intentionally foster the widespread adoption of infrastructure, development patterns, consumer behaviors, and management practices that advance sustainable water management. To understand overcoming barriers to adoption of sustainable solutions, the social and behavioral systems that govern change are investigated.


Research activities in Thrust D focus on integration of data, models and products from all other themes and projects to facilitate enhanced decision making. This thrust enables synthesizing results from assessment projects under Thrust A, technological solutions under Thrust B, and socioeconomic and management solutions under Thrust C to identify viable options that provide maximum benefits at the system level. The synthesis will determine the sustainability metrics/indicators that comprise UWIN Urban Water Sustainability Blueprint.