UWIN activities encompass six highly connected regional urban water sustainability hubs in densely populated urban regions across the U.S. These regional hubs, serve as innovation centers to help communities transition to sustainable management of water resources. Our strategic partnership with other prominent U.S. national and international networks extends the network’s reach to more than 100 cities around the world where in some cases urban water management is a life-or-death matter.

The six study regions provide varying eco-hydrologic and climatic regimes ranging from coastal moist mid-latitude climates of the Mid-Atlantic to the subtropical semi-arid deserts of the Southwest. These regions also represent a wide spectrum of demographic, cultural and policy settings. Such diversity enables cross-site assessments to explore locally appropriate sustainable technological, sociopolitical and management solutions across regions undergoing various development trajectories.


Arizona Sun Corridor

Phoenix skyline and cacti

Southeast Florida

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Pacific Northwest



Front Range Colorado

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Aerial View of the Philadelphia Skyline