Blueprint LargeResearch Projects

Our research activities aim to create knowledge and increase fundamental understanding of challenges to urban water systems and find solutions to enhance preparedness for responding to water crises in regions across the United States.

The first research thrust of UWIN (Thrust A) enhances fundamental knowledge of coupled physical and socioeconomic processes and feedbacks for baseline (observed past) and future (scenario-based) conditions that govern urban water systems.  Assessments are conducted at spatial scales ranging from individual building to entire metro regions, focused on observed past (1950-current), mid-century (2040-2060) and end of century (2080-2100) periods.

This enhanced understanding guides design and discovery of alternative technological and management that are economically feasible, socially viable and environmentally effective (Thrust B).

Exploring pathways that facilitate transitions from current infrastructure and institutions to sustainable solutions is the focus of Thrust C.

A decision innovation dashboard is being developed under Thrust D activities that tracks and rates options for both top-down and bottom-up optimization of urban water systems via stakeholder engagement.