Urban Water Sustainability Blueprint

Our network is charged with providing globally relevant solutions and best practices for urban water systems.  The cumulative research, education and engagement efforts of UWIN will produce an Urban Water Sustainability Blueprint, which provides steps and guidance for integrated management of our planet’s complex water resources.

A key concept of the Blueprint is adoption of “One Water” approaches and principles.  The Blueprint will provide a system assessment framework and evaluation criteria as well as identify key steps and pathways towards successful implementation of One Water.  The Blueprint concepts are substantiated by the numerous case studies and lessons learned from communities and study regions actively engaged in UWIN.

The Urban Water Sustainability Blueprint focuses on the following pathways for successful adoption of One Water:

  • Technological Pathways – conservation; alternative water sources; green infrastructure/LID, sustainable urban drainage systems
  • Institutional Pathways – partnerships between departments and collaborating organizations; transparent engagement with the community and stakeholders; favorable economic, regulatory and legislative environments; and strong leadership from senior positions
  • Financial Pathways – evaluation and status of financial systems; identify programs to support the transition to One Water; analyze programs, policies and impediments; measure financial viability