Communication Initiatives


The Communications Task Force will facilitate communication both within UWIN and out to the broader network of stakeholders and the public by maintaining a set of platforms for efficient knowledge sharing, public engagement, and accessible content.



Due to the broad and overarching need for facilitated communication the Task Force proposes several activities which may facilitate exchange of knowledge and information:

1. Maintenance of a productive media output. The Task Force will consider ways to incentivize activity in media such as activity on social media and the now active @UWIN_SRN handle. The Task Force will develop a plan to ensure maintenance and responsible use of the handle. Consideration for other social media platforms will be given and discussed (FB, Instagram, Linkedin, ResearchGate, Academia.edu)

  • Beyond outward media we aim to consider the capacity of the Network to proactively engage in any further communication tools (challenges with Trello or Slack or other blogs/interfaces) in conjunction with internal exchange  or strategic directed outreach that may be desired by various research teams or subgroups

2. Support of the web-based tool(s) to improve communication and dissemination of results. The Task Force will be responsible for supporting and reviewing one or more tools might be useful and how effective visualization can be programmed. The goal will be to insure usability across stakeholders and potentially to the public with appropriate levels of interaction and clear visualizations.

3. Support for effective visualizations from model abstraction and data representation using creative analysis leveraging design and graphical expertise within the network (e.g. architecture). Research activities should be considering novel ways to visualize and interpret data and results that have been produced, which might make them more comprehensible and engaging to stakeholders and more broadly to the public outside the network.

4. Strategically support coordinated communication at major conferences or meetings such as AGU or AMS. The Task Force may work to develop workshops, sessions, or themes based on UWIN activities, and coordinate a large cohort/presence to encourage better dissemination and also communication between members. This activity should be coordinated with the Graduate Student Task Force, which has also prioritized conference coordination.



  • David Hondula
  • Edna Liliana Gomez Fernandez
  • Forrest Meggers
  • Sarah Millonig
  • Shirley Papuga

Coordinated Communication Activities

Primary Contact: Sarah Millonig (sarah.millonig@colostate.edu


Goals and Objectives

Due to the broad and overarching need for facilitated communication the Task Force will facilitate these efforts through several activities which aim to improve exchange of knowledge and information.  


Current Activities

  • Student listserv created to facilitate communication among and between our student community
    • uwin-students@lists.colostate.edu 
  • We will add Timothy Kirby, UWIN Student Representative, to the monthly Leadership Team meetings 
    • Work to ensure student voice is represented and develop a process by which students can submit issues, concerns, needs and topics of discussion to Tim
  • Coordinated UWIN meet-up during the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting (Dec. 2018)
    • Approximately 16 UWIN participants attended the Fall AGU Meeting
    • We created a Google doc to streamline communication efforts
    • Happy Hour arranged on Tuesday
    • Presentation and schedule information compiled for UWIN attendees
    • Promotion of the Urban Water session chaired by PI Claire Welty
    • Attempt made to engage NSF (media attention)
  • Student Session during the 2019 UWIN Annual Meeting
    • We will engage the student liaison, Tim Kirby and any other students interested in planning a breakout session for UWIN students during the Annual Meeting in August 2019
  • Social Media
    • We will arrange a kick-off meeting to discuss plans and process for maintaining and productive and effective social media output
    • Currently active: @UWIN_SRN Twitter handle


Milestones and Timeline

Efforts and activities conducted by the Communications Task Force are on-going and contingent on both project needs and deliverables.  We anticipate work to begin focusing on web-tools as well as data and model visualization once results are published, likely later in 2019 or 2020.



  • David Hondula

  • Forrest  Meggers

  • Shirley Papuga

  • Brian Bledsoe

  • Jessica Bolson

  • Alexander Maas

  • Alan Berkowitz

  • Sarah Millonig

  • Jeff Moeller