Student Success Initiatives 


1. Ensure that UWIN is benefiting from the voices, creativity, energy and innovative ideas of students.

  • Support and encourage student participation in the synthesis task forces

2. Facilitate and support student learning and professional growth in transdisciplinary science, and contribute to scholarship about this through research.

  • Support professional development of students as mentors
  • Formalize connections with the URP students
  • Provide training, resources, support for mentoring

3. Facilitate connections among students so they learn how their research overlaps and can be further integrated with each other and broader UWIN research.

  • Creation of student listserv and support of other communications tools (Slack, social media)
  • Coordinate communication at major conferences or meetings. The Task Force may work to develop workshops, sessions, or themes based on UWIN activities, and coordinate a large cohort/presence to encourage better dissemination and also communication between members. This activity will be coordinated with the Communications Task Force, which has also prioritized conference coordination.



  • Student breakout session during annual meeting
  • Inclusion of a student representative to the UWIN Leadership Team
  • Workshops/sessions/meet-ups at professional society meetings
  • Student Listserv or other communication tools (e.g. Slack)
  • Social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Posting of profiles of UWIN grad students and potential mentors on website



  • Alan Berkowitz
  • Edna Liliana Gomez Fernandez
  • Gary Pivo
  • Sarah Millonig
  • Shirley Vincent

Coordinated Student Connections

Primary Contacts: Alan Berkowitz (berkowitza@caryinstitute.org) and Timothy Kirby – Student Representative (tkirby@fiu.edu)


Goals and Objectives

Due to the broad and multidimensional needs of UWIN’s young professionals, this Task Force will conduct several activities which aim to improve exchange of knowledge and information and ensure that UWIN is benefiting from the voices, creativity, energy and innovative ideas of our students.


Current Activities

  • Student listserv recently created to facilitate communication among and between our student community
    • uwin-students@lists.colostate.edu 
  • Select UWIN Student Representative to participate in the monthly Leadership Team meetings 
    • Timothy Kirby was nominated by several project leads to serve in this capacity
    • Timoth will work to ensure student voice is represented and develop a process by which students can submit issues, concerns, needs and topics of discussion 
  • Coordinated UWIN meet-up during the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting (Dec. 2018)
    • Approximately 16 UWIN participants attended the Fall AGU Meeting
    • We created a Google doc to streamline communication efforts
    • Happy Hour arranged on Tuesday
    • Presentation and schedule information compiled for UWIN attendees
    • Promotion of the Urban Water session chaired by PI Claire Welty
    • Attempt made to engage NSF (media attention)
    • Additional efforts will be conducted for other meetings identified by the Network with ample participation
  • Student Session during the 2019 UWIN Annual Meeting
    • We will engage the student  representative, Tim Kirby and any other students interested in planning a breakout session for UWIN students during the Annual Meeting in August 2019
      • Recommend full or half-day breakout session on Monday July 29 – prior to start of full all-hands meeting
      • Additional details forthcoming
  • Social Media
    • We will arrange a kick-off meeting to discuss plans and process for maintaining a productive and effective social media output
    • Currently active: @UWIN_SRN Twitter handle


Milestones and Timeline

  • December 2018 – coordinated UWIN meet-up during AGU
  • January 2019 – distribute invitation to join Student Success Task Force
  • February 2019 – kick-off meeting – outline social media plans, identify opportunities for additional coordinated meet-ups, broadly discuss student breakout session and schedule follow-up to begin planning
  • March- May 2019 – draft, outline and plan student breakout session during Annual Meeting in July
  • June 2019 – announce details for student breakout session during Annual Meeting in July
  • July – August 2019 – conduct and synthesize student session
  • September 2019 – review and implement any action items developed during session



  • Shirley Papuga

  • Mike Sukop

  • Alan Berkowitz

  • Shirley Vincent

  • Sarah Millonig

  • Liliana Gomez Fernandez

  • Timothy Kirby