Network Enrichment Funding Opportunities

Deadline: March 1, 2017

Thanks for all the applications – we funded 7 enrichment activities this year!



We are excited to announce the following submissions have been fully funded – congratulations to the 2017 awardees!


Home Institution
Project PI
UWIN Project(s) Benefited
Michael Harrison Oregon State University Roy Haggerty D1-1 SWMM Workshop at ASCE
Peter Ibsen University of California Riverside Darrel Jenerette A3-1; Potential for A2-3, A2-1; C3-1 iButton sensors for Microclimate Sensor Network of Networks
Timothy Stephens University of Georgia Brian Bledsoe B2-1, B2-2a, B2-2b B2 team travel and attendance to a 3-day integrative and collaborative research retreat
Timothy Stephens University of Georgia Brian Bledsoe B2 Travel to 2-D hydraulic modeling training at UMBC
Michelle Talal Oregon State University Mary Santelmann A3-1, D1-1 Modeling Travel to/from Portland and Corvallis, field equipment and software
Mahdad Talebpour University of Maryland Baltimore County Elie Bou-Zeid A2-1 Travel to Princeton to work with Elie; 2 x 1-week visits to couple models

A variety of funding awards are available to Urban Water Innovation Network (UWIN) members to enhance development of research and project collaboration. Funding requests must demonstrate opportunities for enrichment and/or Network-related activities that contribute to UWIN objectives and outcomes.  Recipients will be expected to submit a short summary and 2 photos of their experience for publication on the UWIN website and/or newsletter.

Potential awards include, but are not limited to:

  • Travel Grants – Awards may support travel, program/registration fees, subsistence and other needs deemed legitimate by the review committee. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Attending conferences, professional meetings and/or training
    • Travel to research facilities to collect data or conduct research
    • Travel to UWIN institutions for project collaboration activities
  • Graduate Thesis/Dissertation Support – Awards to assist graduate students complete their thesis or dissertation research, to improve the quality and impact of their research, and/or to support intellectually independent research endeavors if deemed legitimate by the review committee. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Access to libraries, databases, or other information sources not otherwise available
    • Purchase of specialized reagents, supplies, software, or equipment not otherwise available (which will remain the property of your home institution)
    • Specialized training will be eligible for consideration if such training is clearly necessary for the applicant’s thesis/dissertation research
  • Equipment Requests – If equipment items are requested, the proposal must justify the need and purpose of this equipment and why it was not requested in the original NSF proposal
  • Other – original and creative requests with potential for impact within and outside the Network