Travel & Reimbursement Information

Travel and reimbursements for UWIN related activities must be approved by a project lead or the program director.
Requests must be received within 14 days of travel or purchase.  
Please review the materials below to insure your request is filed correctly and processed expediently.  


Receipts must be received by CSU within 14 days of travel

Any documents submitted outside the designated time frame will not be processed until our schedule allows and will result in delayed payment.


A completed Travel Reimbursement Request form must be submitted with receipts

  • Be sure to indicate any meals provided

Original receipts are required for all reimbursements unless the receipt is ONLY available electronically due to online purchase.

  • CSU Travel Services will ONLY reimburse lodging with an original folio from the hotel showing payment and balance $0.
  • For airline tickets purchased online, CSU Travel Services requires the entire email confirmation showing itinerary and payment section.
  • Photo copies of receipts are NOT acceptable.
  • Scans of receipts attached to emails are NOT acceptable.

All submitted receipts must show that they have been paid by the traveler

  • Exceptions are made for public transportation or parking where just a stub is received
  • Receipts are not required for reimbursements of $25 or less on taxi, shuttle, parking and baggage fees.
  • Google/Mapquest maps are required for mileage reimbursement requests

Do not tape, highlight or use staples on any receipts.  Please do not print electronic receipts double sided (all receipts are scanned by CSU upon arrival).

Travel Reimbursement Request



Non-travel Related Reimbursement Request Form

  • For reimbursement of expenses occurring outside Colorado State University (e.g. use for enrichment fund requests, last minute supply purchases for meetings or training activities)
  • Original receipts or vendor invoices must accompany form
  • Invoice/receipts must be marked as paid


  • All fields of form completed (including per diem, mileage, travel dates and destination if applicable)
  • All original receipts or printed single-sided electronic documents are included (not required for per diem, baggage, transportation or parking if under $25)


Mail completed forms and original receipts to:

One Water Solutions Institute
Attn: Sarah Millonig
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Campus Delivery 1372
Engineering Room 205
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1372

Printable address label