Project C2-1

Research Team: Jessica Bolson, PI – Florida International University/University of Pennsylvania

                            Bob Meyer – University of Miami

                           David Letson – University of Miami

                           Jeff Moeller – Water Environment & Reuse Foundation

Project Overview

Strategies for improved flood resilience, stormwater management, distributed infiltration, green infrastructure, and community scale reuse of reclaimed and graywater are at varying stages of development and implementation. Understanding household scale adoption of these different strategies, and the factors that influence it, is critical to the identification of promising pathways toward sustainability.  The proposed research uses an innovative approach that guides participants through a computer simulation program, HazSim, to simulate future conditions where choices about technology/policy must be made (Figure 1).  By studying individuals’ decision-making behaviors, such as information seeking behaviors, investment choices, support for policy, and perceptions of strategies/technologies, we will improve our understanding of the likelihood of adoption of different urban water management practices and the barriers that might inhibit widespread adoption.  Using this information, we will suggest strategies for policy and investment that incorporate peoples’ preferences and decision-making biases, making them more likely to be accepted.