Project D1-2

Project Team: Mazdak Arabi, PI – Colorado State University

Neil Grigg – Colorado State University

Michael Sukop – Florida International University

Gary Pivo – University of Arizona

Jessica Bolson – Florida International University


Project Overview

The overall goal of this project is to assess tradeoffs associated with sustainable urban water solutions under climatic, land use, population, economic development, planning, and policy uncertainty. We will first develop a reference case scenario for 2015 – 2100 for each of the regions, based on a comparable assumption of “business as usual”. As part of this development, we will also formulate a suite of sustainability indicators that can be used in the six regions and that measure sustainability in terms of pressures, resilience, and cobenefits. Two alternative scenarios will be developed for each region – “conservation” and “development”.  In each scenario and in each region we will then be able to compare and contrast the measures of sustainability.

A desired output of this project is a common set of indicators that will comprise the UWIN Urban Water Sustainability Analysis Framework. This project will define and characterize the indicators consistent with the other UWIN research and engagement activities. Project D-3 will develop data analytics and modeling services to quantify the indictors. We will use these services to quantify the sustainability indicators under current and alternative future condition, and will subsequently assess the sustainability of urban water systems in the six study regions.